Brideshead Revisited (1981)

Brideshead Revisited
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Mild themes, Infrequent coarse language, Brief incidental nudity

Directors: Charles Sturridge, Michael Lindsay-Hogg
Actors: Laurence Olivier, John Gielgud, Anthony Andrews, John Le Mesurier, Jeremy Irons, Michael Gough, Kenneth Cranham, John Welsh, Claire Bloom, John Nettleton, Bill Owen, Phoebe Nicholls, Stephane Audran, Stephen Moore, Stephen Mallatratt, Ronald Fraser, Diana Quick, Brian Oulton, Robert Urquhart, Michael Bilton, Vincent Marzello, John Grillo, Jane Asher, Robin Sachs, Richard Hope, Ralph Nossek, Simon Jones, Jonathan Coy, Mona Washbourne, Doris Nolan, Anna Quayle, Mark Elwes, Mary Macleod, Donald Eccles, Niall Toibin, Ramsay Williams, Sally Bazely, Nickolas Grace, Thomasine Heiner, Sue Jones-Davies, Keith Ladd, Norman Mills, Peter Newton, Anthony Higginson, Derek Hockridge, David Howey, Pauline Jefferson, Marella Oppenheim, June Page, Malcolm Raeburn, Jeremy Sinden, Maggie Steed, Joseph Brady, Peter Carlisle, Paul Clayton, Valerie Colgan, Robert Gallagher, Roy Macready, Martin Matthews, Mike Mckenzie, Christopher Good, Michael Haughey, Charles Keating, Nigel Le Vaillant, Kenneth Midwood, Roger Milner, Marjorie Sudell, John Whitehall

Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited is a moving and tragic story, which chronicles the tempestuous journey of Charles Ryder (Jeremy Irons) through the tangled and stormy world of the aristocratic Marchmain family. It is an epic tale of his love - for his closest friend Sebastian Flyte (Anthony Andrews), for Sebastian's sister Julia Flyte (Diana Quick) and for an entire way of life. This classic, visually stunning TV drama directed by Charles Sturridge is here presented in its entirity.

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Season cover
1. Et In Arcadia Ego (120m) info
2. Home And Abroad (60m) info
3. The Bleak Light Of Day (60m) info
4. Sebastian Against The World (60m) info
5. A Blow Upon A Bruise (60m) info
6. Julia (60m) info
7. The Unseen Hook (60m) info
8. Brideshead Deserted (60m) info
9. Orphans Of The Storm (60m) info
10. A Twitch Upon A Thread (60m) info
11. Brideshead Revisited (90m) info

Member Reviews (5)

Not being British myself (though European) I have always found that aspect of British upper class superiority particularly distasteful. The story and the acting on the other hand is superb, as well as the sets, scenery, buildings, Venice etc. The characters do not endear themselves to me. Their superior airs and their entitledness in regards to their wealth, social status, educational opportunities and positions of economic and political power prevents me from ever becoming engaged emotionally with any of them. It's like watching a game of chess.
Posted Tuesday, 11 March 2014 See my other reviews
this has always been one of my favourite books and this adaptation is excellent
Posted Saturday, 2 February 2013 See my other reviews
Top actors acting out the phantasy of the rich at the time between the wars in cold England. This film is a treasure showing how the aristocracy took their superiority to to the extreem in the early 1900ds.
Posted Wednesday, 8 August 2012 See my other reviews
John N.
This Granada TV production of the Evelyn Waugh novel, meticulously adapted by John Mortimer in 11 episodes, is one to savour over a period of time, say, 4 week-ends. The 3 episodes recorded on this disc can be comfortably seen over two evenings, the first episode being longer than the second and third. The story begins a little over half-way through WW2 with Captain Charles Ryder (Jeremy Irons), as a company commander at Battalian HQ. He has a particularly obnoxious C.O., who openly despises temporary officers and picks on Charles whenever he gets the chance. Fortunately it's not long before the battalion is transferred to a temporary camp in the grounds of a country mansion, Brideshead, prior to going overseas. It turns out to be the home of his friend Sebastian Flyte (Anthony Andrews), whom he had met at Oxford twenty years earlier and where he had spent many happy hours. Sebastian and he may never have met, being at different colleges, but for Sebastian getting drunk one lunch-time, and making an unheralded entry into Charles' room, which happened to be on the ground floor. In recompense Sebastian invites him to lunch with several of his friends where they eat quails' eggs and drink quantities of wine. Charles treads carefully in the company of this smart set, not being used to high living. His father would be scathing of such frivolous activity. Charles meets Sebastian quite often, and one week-end gets invited down to his family home, Brideshead. He's impressed by its size and opulence, but doesn't meet any of the family, who are away for the summer. Lady Marchmain (Claire Bloom), a devout catholic, keeps a close eye on Sebastian, which he resents and is to be the cause of his troubles later. Charles and Sebastian spend most of the summer vacation at Brideshead, and despite Sebastian's warning not to become too involved with the family, Charles is gradually seduced by the world of privilege they inhabit and flattered by their assumption that he is part of that world. A captivating start to a wonderful series. A more general assessment is in the review of disc 4.
Posted Tuesday, 30 December 2008 See my other reviews
Rebecca B.
Covers all the basic for great viewing - an excellent adaption from a classic novel, superb acting, immortal themes and sublime scenery. A delight.
Posted Sunday, 14 December 2008 See my other reviews
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