Twin Peaks - Season 2 - Part 1 (1991)

Twin Peaks - Season 2 - Part 1
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Moderate themes, moderate violence, moderate drug use and references

Director: David Lynch
Actors: Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Ontkean, Madchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook, Richard Beymer, Lara Flynn Boyle, Sherilyn Fenn, Peggy Lipton, James Marshall, Everett McGill, Jack Nance, Ray Wise, Joan Chen, Sheryl Lee, Don S. Davis, Grace Zabriskie, Piper Laurie, Heather Graham

When its two-hour pilot episode aired on April 8, 1990, the program forever changed the face of prime-time television. A bizarre, ingenious, hysterical, terrifying murder mystery set in the Pacific Northwest logging town of Twin Peaks, the series opens with the discovery of the body of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), a seemingly straitlaced high school student. Assigned to the case is FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), a quirky man who converses regularly with Diane, his portable tape recorder. As Cooper settles into his life in Twin Peaks, he meets a revolving cast of characters who are all off-kilter in their own personal way. Gradually, the town’s facade of extreme normality begins to crack mightily, revealing an endless barrage of schemes, fronts, and hidden relationships that expose Twin Peaks as the disturbed, unsettling town that it is.

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Member Reviews (3)

Anita L.
It's getting a bit "darker" now in season 2. Still quirky and unusual...
Posted Wednesday, 19 May 2010 See my other reviews
Lee D.
To be honest a review isn't really necessary, since you're here because you enjoyed series 1 and this is just more of the same brilliance!
Posted Monday, 7 April 2008 See my other reviews
Ryan D.
amazing series...
Posted Tuesday, 1 April 2008 See my other reviews
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