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Quickflix Offer Details
1. Offer eligible to new members only. 2. To register, details of a valid credit card or PayPal account must be provided. 3. Existing subscribers or members who have previously enjoyed a free trial with Quickflix are not eligible. 4. You will not be charged for the service during your trial unless you change your package or choose to purchase Pay Per Play titles. 5. Your free trial period expires 45 days after registration. 6. After your 45 day free trial ends, you will be charged $24.99 per month for the Post & Play standard package. 7. You can cancel your free trial online at any time and you have 7 days to return any Discs. 8. To cancel you must return all outstanding DVD or Blu-rays. 9. Titles subject to availability. 10. Offer is personal, not transferable and is not to be used for commercial use. 11. All use of the Quickflix Service is subject to you agreeing to comply with the Quickflix Terms and Conditions. 12. You are solely responsible for any internet usage or access charges that may apply in relation to streaming any content you access as part of your service including on a trial basis. 13. The personal details you supply will be kept confidential and used for determining your eligibility for this offer.